PopRank Beta v2

5 min readOct 14, 2021

Greetings degens, normies, diamond hands, flippers, OGs, newbies, and all of the above — we’ve missed you 👋

To set the scene as you read this post, we highly recommend this tune.

It’s been a few weeks since the initial release of the PopRank Beta, and since then, we’ve been heads-down, preparing for the main launch of PopRank. We’re thrilled to announce the v2 update to the PopRank Beta, the last update before the official release of PopRank. This major update brings forth The Wicked Stallions in all of their equine glory, among many other improvements and additions:

😍 Collection dashboard

Each listed collection is represented by a dashboard page that shows the collection-specific ranking game, aesthetics rankings, and metrics.

Our goal at PopRank is to generate reliable aesthetics ranking data as quickly as possible, so now a certain threshold of played rounds must be reached before the rankings are revealed. Once the rankings are revealed, we don’t imagine there to be much volatility, i.e. you can have confidence in the data.

🌟 Featured collections

We’re introducing Featured Collections on the home page to allow collection owners to shine a light on their collections for a week at a time. Fill out our Featured Collection Request form to be featured on PopRank. Continue reading to the end to learn how we intend to reward PopRank early adopter collection owners with Featured Collection slot opportunities.

🎮 A new way to play

Our most requested feature? To be able to use the left and right arrow keys to select the winner in the ranking game. Go off now, and ← → to your heart’s content.

🚗 Updated roadmap

We’ve fleshed out our roadmap, adding all of the features we plan to release in the coming months and beyond. Check out the roadmap here, and let us know if there’s anything more you’d like to see!

🔽 Sort rankings

Now, you can sort rankings in ascending or descending order of rank. This is the first of many ranking sort and filter controls, and you can expect price and rank range filtering to hit PopRank soon.

🌐 Web3 wallet integration

To prevent bad actors from threatening the quality of our data, connecting a Web3 wallet is now necessary for played rounds to be impactful to aesthetics rankings. You can still play the PopRank ranking game without being Web3-authenticated, but your selections will not impact the rankings.

You’ll also soon be able to connect your Twitter account to the PopRank app, which will make you eligible for future giveaways and raffles.

📞 Contact forms

We have four separate forms, each handling a different way we’d love to work with you:

  • Collection Listing Request: The first step for collection owners to list their collection on PopRank
  • Featured Collection Request: The formal way to request one of the Featured Collection slots on the home page
  • Business Inquiry: If you aren’t a collection owner but are interested in partnering with us in any way, start here
  • General Feedback: If you wish to write us about any other concerns, suggestions, requests, questions, website bugs, etc., this is the one for you

👨‍💻 Quicker levels of data confidence

We enhanced our NFT selection algorithm to ensure every NFT in the collection is getting its time in the spotlight. Whereas before we’d pick two completely random NFTs, we now favour NFTs that haven’t been seen as much. This supports fairness in the short term and ensures we don’t have some NFTs being seen tens of times while others are yet to play a round.

In addition, to decrease the time it takes for our rankings to be fairly stable, head-to-head contestants are now closer in rating. Not only does this speed up building out the rankings, but it also makes the rounds more interesting.

And finally, we improved our server-side cache to be bigger and refresh more often. In layman’s terms, it’s now much less likely for you to see the same NFT two rounds in a row.

👨‍👦‍👦 Rusko joins the ranks

Saving the best update for last, @Rusko_NFT has officially joined the team! Rusko will be our jack-of-all-trades handling collection onboarding, marketing, and more, as @shandysulen and @rosen_ilan attempt to focus the majority of their time on engineering efforts for the PopRank app. It’s tough to express how thrilled we are to have Rusko onboard. Those that know Rusko may understand 😅

Looking towards PopRank’s official release

We aim to release PopRank officially in November. We’ve been putting all our energy towards development, waiting until we’re closer to the official release to start marketing. Despite that, what we’ve seen so far is nothing short of LFG hype.

Not only that, but we’ve seen over 60,000 rounds played in a matter of weeks in the Wicked Craniums collection alone. That’s over 120,000 NFTs that have graced the screens of people all around the world. This was all without any incentives (giveaways to come soon!), the traffic of only one collection, and a naive algorithm (the matchups are much more competitive now).

We’ve started seeing collections reach out, and we are more than excited to start working with you! If you’re interested in listing on PopRank, please fill out the Collection Listing Request form! As a special thanks to our early adopters, we have the following cheeky rewards.

Early adopter benefits

Ahead of the official PopRank release, our goal will be to onboard as many collections as we can into this “brave new world” of aesthetic rankings. We’ve started working with collections to get them listed in time for our main release. And We. Want. You!

WLOEA (We Love Our Early Adopters) and want to reward collection owners for being ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re offering a free Featured Collection slot to the first 9 collections that hop aboard the PopRank ship. Each Featured Collection slot lasts for one week, and we’ll give them out on a first-come, first-serve basis. In fact, we also intend to list collections on PopRank on a first-come, first-serve basis in general, so keep that in mind if you’re interested in being listed on our platform!

If you have any feedback, are a collection owner that’s interested in listing with us, or are someone that wants to work with us in any other capacity, please reach out using the forms on our Contact Us page.

Hope you enjoy PopRank Beta v2 🎉


The PopRank Team